Address: Calle 90 No. 11-13

Sustainability Policy

GMH is committed to following the guidelines of Corporate Social Responsibility, fulfilling our motto which states: “Service offerings for accommodation under the philosophy of excellence that satisfies the needs and expectations of our guests and all interested parties”, and abiding by the accepted worldwide ethical pillars distributed in 4 fundamental axes:

  • Human Rights
  • Labor Conditions
  • Environment
  • Prevention of Corruption

To achieve the aforementioned, management assumes responsibility with the following objectives:

  1. To offer and maintain clear and fair business relations, to promote relationships of confidence and to create value for all interest groups.
  2. To assure client satisfaction with excellence in service and constant improvement in our processes.
  3. To guarantee the fulfillment of legal requirements which apply to sustainability.
  4. To responsibly manage impacts from the company’s activities on society and the environment.
  5. To respect human and labor rights recognized by national and international legislatures, rejecting child labor and forced or obligatory labor.
  6. To recruit, select and retain human talent in a way favorable for labor relations, based on equal opportunities, without discrimination and with respect for diversity.
  7. To ensure a safe and healthy working environment.
  8. To favor transparency in all areas of the company, rejecting any type of illegal practice, fraud or unethical activities.